Therapy Process

The information below, along with other details about the therapy including confidentiality and the therapy process are provided in the therapy agreement. The therapy agreement document is provided before the initial assessment appointment for clients to read and sign to ensure they are comfortable with arrangements.

Assessment appointment: Initially we would meet for assessment appointment. This gives me the opportunity to understand your difficulties and for us both to consider whether I can help and whether we can work together. You will be asked to describe the difficulties you are experiencing and how they have developed. In addition you will probably be asked questions about your background and previous experiences. If we decide to work together I would normally contract with you to meet for 4 sessions initially. A review session will take place at the end of the fourth sessions where we can jointly assess progress and agree the next course of action. The number of sessions required varies depending upon the client and the type of difficulties they present with.

Sessions: Each session lasts for one hour. If you are late arriving we will still end at the usual time as to not delay the next person. I am able to offer evening appointments and in certain circumstances, home visits.

Cancellation of appointments: If you wish to cancel an appointment I require a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise you will be liable for the full cost of the missed session.

CBT process: The initial sessions are focused upon developing an understanding or formulation of your difficulties using a cognitive behavioural approach (See diagram on treatments page). This involves going over examples of your difficulties in session and breaking them down. It will also often involve me asking clients to monitor their difficulties between sessions using a diary which I provide. This helps the client to learn to understand and get a clearer perspective on their difficulties. From this process the next step is to identify a list of problems we have agreed to focus on and related goals for change.

Once we have developed an initial understanding of your difficulties and what maintain them we can then begin to think about strategies for change. The types of strategies used will be dependant up the client and the difficulties they present with. Generally however they involve learning skills around the following:

  • Recognising ways of thinking and responding which have become problematic for you
  • Utilising alternative and more helpful ways of thinking and responding

The above skills are learnt in the session and then put into practice in real life between sessions. There is therefore a commitment to not just attend sessions but also find time between sessions to practice skills and reflect on the content of the therapy sessions. This process can also involve the use of informational materials.

At the beginning of each session we reflect on progress with and learning from the above process. At the end of the course of therapy I get clients to reflect upon learning from the process as a whole and look at how the client maintains improves and might prevent or deal with relapse.

Fee Scale

Assessment Interview £60       

Per Session £60


Payment is made by cash or cheque at the end of each session.

CBT Therapist Manchester